Bala-City is a school where we create the conditions for the realization of each child’s potential, in accordance with his or her needs and interests.

Teachers of Bala-City use the best practices of Russian and international schools. The Cambridge programme includes additional subjects in English and in-depth study of languages with foreign teachers.

After school, children participate in sports, art, learning the basics of business, and robotics. And at the same time they have time for excursions and outdoor games and activities.

Bala-City school is a friendly, happy place where experience, knowledge and development of competencies of the 21st century are central to all our work. And, most importantly, we prepare children for education at University in Russia and the rest of the world.

Bala-City is a next generation school!

Albina Nasyrova,

Executive Principal and CEO Bala-City Group


We want to create the conditions for the realization of each child’s potential, in accordance with his or her needs and interests.

We strive to foster a love for tradition and native culture and at the same time the ability to think globally in our children. We expect our students to be ready for cultural and linguistic diversity.


Bala-City emphasizes both academic knowledge and the formation of universal skills — this is necessary, because children will live and work in a world which is certain to be very different to the one we live in now.


The educational process is based on the integrated Russian/Cambridge educational program.


Our children study subjects of the Federal state educational standard in full. Our Russian program has passed state accreditation.


Bala-city teachers use the best practices of Russian schools. Upon completion of their education, children will receive state certificates.

The Cambridge program includes subjects in English (Mathematics, Science, ICT), including in-depth study of the English language with foreign specialists. The Cambridge program provides an opportunity to prepare for international exams and obtain certificates for admission to the best foreign universities.


Bala-City has a developed educational infrastructure. Classrooms are equipped with the necessary equipment with which to facilitate high-quality education.

Small class sizes
Four meals a day
Spacious, well-equipped classrooms with interactive equipment
Gyms and playgrounds
Scientific laboratory
Access system, video surveillance


Bala-City cooperates with Kazan Federal University, Beijing University of international relations and the Ministry of education of Spain.

Together with the Institute of Philology and intercultural communication of KFU, a master's program is being implemented to train highly qualified specialists in the field of early development.

When implementing creative projects, the school works with the Galiaskar Kamal Tatar Academic theatre and the Museum of fine arts of the Republic of Tatarstan.

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